Welcome to www.dodgysoft.com. And welcome to the new, improved, website.

Check out the newest addition to the Dark Disciples website: a new DD2 campaign entitled ‘Temple of Eternity’ written by Steffen Hagen. It’s still in demo stage, but it’s already looking pretty awesome. Click the link above to check it out.


31 July 2014: Finally another DD2 update! More bugs have been fixed.

Additional editor events (WildPortal and WildFight) have been added to make way for DD3 which will feature overland areas with random encounters. DD3 will be constructed entirely using the DD2 editor.

PLEASE NOTE: Save games from previous versions of DD2 (3.1 and below) are NOT compatible with this update – sorry.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have a new new email address: laurenslafebre [at] gdodgysoft.com

Where Do You Hail From?

Played a freeware game from this site and enjoyed it? I’d love to know where you hail from – show your appreciation by clicking on the link below and placing a virtual drawing pin on the map! (thanks to Dex Stewart for finding this):

Frappr Dark Disciples world map!


DD1 and DD2 are freeware products, and writting them is a hobby. However, if you would like to donate a few dollars to help me out (i.e. defray webhosting and domain name costs etc) then click the button below. Any donations are gratefully accepted!

Standard Freeware Disclaimer:

This is a standard disclaimer in case anything goes wrong while installing Dark Disciples or someone feels that it is my responsibility to fix their problems : All the games here are freeware and provided ‘as is’. None of these programs will mess with any windows settings and all files were scanned for viruses before being uploaded onto the net. While I am sure they will not cause any problems to your system, I do however accept no responsibility if they do.

Regarding copyright:

The games on this website are freeware and may be distributed freely, so long as they aren’t altered in any way and you don’t attempt to make any money out of them.

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