IndyCar II

IndyCar II

The SVGA graphics in IndyCar II look incredible and add volumes to the breathtaking sensation of speed as you slide through turns on your way to the checkered flag.

If you were one of countless race fans who fell in love with Papyrus' previous racing simulations - IndyCar Racing and NASCAR Racing - you'll be happy to hear that the technical wizards who created them haven't been sleeping in the pits during the off season. They've been hard at work, and are bringing those nimble Indy cars back to the PC with a brand new look.

As in the award-winning IndyCar Racing, in IndyCar II you'll get the chance to test-drive all of the high-powered race cars of the IndyCar circuit, and burn rubber on incredibly authentic tracks. From the near perfect oval of the New Hampshire International Speedway to the ferocious twists and turns at Laguna Seca, you'll find plenty of diverse challenges here to suit every driving style. And as always, you'll have the chance to build your dream car from a wide variety of chassis and engines.

Since IndyCar 11 is based on the ‘95 driver roster and features complete racing season specs, you ‘II see some familiar faces and cars rolling around the tracks - and hopefully. most of them will be in your rear-view mirror.

Papyrus has made sure all the features that made the first IndyCar Racing such a hit - network/modem play, multiple camera views, and realism variables that let you set up just the sort of action you want - are back and easier to use. And in a move that's sure to please Indy Car fans who were jealous of NASCAR Racing's SVGA mode, IndyCar II will feature a gorgeous 640X480 mode that simply must be seen to be believed.

IndyCar II will be available in two spicy versions: The first is for MS-DOS based systems, while the second is designed to take advantage of Windows 95. You'll be able to multitask out to the track whenever you want!

Available in both a DOS version and a Windows 95 version, IndyCar II is the perfect holiday stocking stuffer for race fans.

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