Troubleshooting DD1 and DD2!

If you are aware of any bugs or techincal issues associated with any games on this site, feel free to contact me via e-mail. Below is a list of known technicial issues which, unless otherwise specified, are relevant to all the games that can be downloaded from this site (since they all use the same core code). Where possible, solutions or work arounds have also been provided.

The game runs really slow on my win XP Pro system....

This issue only occurs for some people and, to be honest, its exact nature is still somewhat of a mystery. In any case, the following workaround will resolve the problem:

Step #1: Click on start, run, and enter "dxdiag", then click OK.
Step #2: Click on the "Display" tag.
Step #3: In the "DirectX features" section, disable the "DirectDraw acceleration". Click "exit".

The game should now run properly. Note that you should re-enable the DirectDraw accelation after playing Dark Disciples, otherwise some newer commerical games may not run (I know this isn't an ideal solution but its the best I can do for the time being).

I can ALT-TAB out of the game but cannot get back in

This is a known problem for DD1 and has yet to be fixed. ALT_TAB works fine in DD2.

The mouse cursor is missing ingame

It has been discovered that the mouse option 'display cursor trails' causes the mouse cursor to disappear in game. If you go to the the mouse settings in your control panel and uncheck the 'display cursor trails' option, the mouse cursor will become visible in game.

In Dark Disciples I, I can't access the cheat options using CONTROL and ~.

A couple people reported that CONTROL and ~ wouldn't work for them in previous versions of Dark Disciples (v3.3 and less). Therefore, as of version 3.4, all the cheat menus are accessed via CONTROL and U, instead. E.g. to access the level editor, press CONTROL and U simultaneously on the main menu.

On Vista, the sound effects often 'skip' instead of playing.

To address this problem, goto Start, Control Panel, Hardware + Sound, Sound, speakers (properties), select the Soudblaster tab, and check the 'disable Sound Blaster Enhancements' tab. I don't know the technical reason for why this works (or is a problem in the first place), but it will fix the problem.


If you have any queries or comments, I would be happy to hear from you. I am particularly interested in specific feedback about the game - what you liked and didn't like. Also, if you spot a bug, let me know! To send me an e-mail click here: