Front Page Sports: Football Pro '96

Front Page Sports: Football Pro '96

When Football Pro ‘95 was hailed as "the best football game on the planet," you'd think Sierra would send in the third string and retire to the locker room for a tall, frosty one. But, no. They put the pads back on, threw out the old playbook, and came back with Football Pro ‘96.

It keeps all the things that earned its forefathers the Best Sports Simulation award three years running:

h attention to real NFL player and team stats, a play ok with over 10,000 combinations of X's and 0's, and league play over CompuServe.

Ah, but that's the old stuff. For 1996, you can suit up as a player for an arcade game or appoint yourself coach for the football simulation. What's more, 3D animations were created using films of actual players shot from dozens of angles simultaneously, so tailbacks juke, wide receivers sprint, and linemen grunt just like their real counterparts. The awesome realism of this new version is sure to earn some accolades. "Best football game in the solar system?" Could be.


The "motion capture" based 3D animation will have you think you ve tuned in to the NFL game of the week. But this is better: No commercials.

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