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Current version: v3.4 (last updated 13th April 2006)

Status: Complete

Dark Disciples I is my first major programming project - a freeware computer roleplaying game. Dark Disciples was programmed using MS Visual C++ 4.0 and the MS Direct X 5.0 Software Development Kit.

If you are looking for a freeware game with copious statistics and an intricate, multifaceted, combat engine you won't find it here. Instead, I focused my energies on having lots of non-combat challenges to solve and interesting things to do within the game world. Dark Disciples therefore attempts to differentiate itself by being a more puzzle orientated CRPG and therefore filling a precieved gap in the CRPG 'market'.

Download Dark Disciples v3.4 here: (~5.5 Mb)

To check out some screenshots, simply scroll further down the page.

Special thanks: Playtesters

Special thanks go to Swifty, Shockedfrog , Eugene Hung , Arc and GSerg for their contributions to Dark Disciples!. Thanks to these people, Dark Disciples v3.4 is now essentially typo and bug free.

Special thanks: Music

Further special thanks goes to Bjorn Lynne, who generously allowed my to use his fantasy themed midi tracks for DD1.

Dark Disciples Screenshots

Screen 1 : Dark Disciples title screen

Screen 2 : The Firestone ruins to the east

Screen 3 : The Middengrave trade district

Screen 4 : Dungeon ruins beneath Gladimere's Tower

Screen 5 : Monsters attack under the Bitterwind Mountains

Screen 6 : A graveyard full of zombies in the Blackmire swamps

Screen 7 : Lower Niphyas and the Pharaohs palace

Screen 8 : Monks live at the Monastery of the White Lotus

Screen 9 : The 'world map' for Dark Disciples


If you have any queries or comments, I would be happy to hear from you. I am particularly interested in specific feedback about the game - what you liked and didn't like. Also, if you spot a bug, let me know! To send me an e-mail click here:

e-mail: laurenslafebre@gmail.com