DD1 Cheats

DD1 Cheats

DD1 Cheat Menu

In game, press CONTROL U. This will bring up a cheat menu. Most of the options should be self explanatory. I recommend that you don’t fool around with the flags however. Doing so can render the game unwinnable. Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility for ruined saved games due to abuse of the cheat menu. :)

DD1 Summoning Items Cheat

CONTROL U on the character inventory screen will bring up a item summoning dialog box.

A full list of item codes, compiled by DreadPirate, can be downloaded here (it’s an excel document):

DD1 Easter Eggs

While making maps for Dark Disciples, I got bored a few times and added some ‘easter eggs’:

Mokepon valley : Ever fantasized about killing ‘cute’ pokemon?

Daleks : Play find-the-TARDIS and combat Daleks (yes I am a Nerd).

Nuclear holocaust: Obliterate a square mile of Middengrave swampland…

Pauline Hanson: Meet the lady of ice, Pauline Hanson…

Satan’s testicles: Recover the balls of the evil Prince of Darkness.

DD1 Hint File

If you are stuck at any point in the game, first try the FAQ style Hint file. Download it by clicking here :

DD1 Level Editor

All the maps in Dark Disciples were built with a level editor which is contained within the game itself. To access the editor, press CONTROL U key simultaneously on the main menu.

WARNING: Levels WILL crash or become impossible to complete is they are edited incorrectly. In other words, if you want to fool around with the editor, back up the levels folder first!

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