DD1 Cheats

DD1 Cheats

DD1 Cheat Menu

In game, press CONTROL U. This will bring up a cheat menu. Most of the options should be self explanatory. I recommend that you don’t fool around with the flags however. Doing so can render the game unwinnable. Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility for ruined saved games due to abuse of the cheat menu.

DD1 Summoning Items Cheat

CONTROL U on the character inventory screen will bring up a item summoning dialog box.

A full list of item codes, compiled by DreadPirate, can be downloaded here (it’s an excel document):

DD1 Easter Eggs

While making maps for Dark Disciples, I

DD2 Cheats

DD2 Cheats

DD2 Cheat Menu:

To access the level editor, press Control U on the main menu screen.

To access the in-game cheats, press Control U in game.

To access the item summoning cheats, press Control U while on the character inventory screen.

DD2 Walkthrough:

The walkthrough file is available for download (note that it currently only contains walkthrough for the first 20% of the game. The walkthrough will be updated shortly to assist playtesters).